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About Desert Camping

What better place than the desert to embed yourself in moments of utter relaxation and blissful rejuvenation.

To experience absolute comfort, guests at the Dhora Desert Cam in Jaisalmer are accorded with a contemporary blend of services and facilities.

We serve you with complete satisfaction. Our luxury camp in Sam, Jaisalmer also hosts exclusive dining sections for all our guests. Desert Retreat Camp is a luxury desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer. It has been the mirror of Rajasthan’s rich culture & spirit of this colorful state. Our Desert Retreat Camp is here to serve you with some of the amazing experiences in Jaisalmer. Our luxury camp is much comfortable. You will not have any kind of problem staying with us.

Safari &Activities

Dhora Jaisalmer provides a sapcious and cosy accommodation with comfortable and Luxury Camp in Jaisalmer with best accommodation.

Come experience the true Rajasthani culture with our premium Jaisalmer desert safari camp packages. Our unique and exclusive desert camp packages will offer you a luxury experience like never before. Our attention to detail is what enables us to provide the best Jaisalmer sand dunes package giving you an exciting opportunity to enjoy the salient features of this memorable trip.

In the Thar desert, in the northwest India, in a place where the exotism and color of the Indian cities meets the calm and hilly shape of the desert sands, the camels are moving. They do so for centuries. Their bosses have carried the goods along the Silk Road, have fed teeming populations have walked over sands that bind cities, leaving behind the marks of the deep steps into a world of mystery and fantasy.

Jeep safaris are considered as the fast and comfortable way to explore the beauty of Jaisalmer. jeep-safariIt is possible to enjoy a more comprehensive tour on the jeep and it is a smoother and more comfortable ride. India Jeep Safari is one of the many reasons why tourists love to go to India. This vehicle enables tourists to go around the area and see the beautiful surroundings more clearly.

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